Friday, October 21, 2016

The Year of Living Miserably

So I think that we can all agree that 2016 has been one of the suckiest years in the history of suckitude. I have personal reasons for saying that, obviously, but across the board the year has been pretty damn horrible on about a zillion levels.

Still, for me anyway, there has been one constant bright spot -- music. I have been lucky enough to be turned on this year to all sorts of great stuff -- largely in the genre that defines the mission statement of this here blog -- to the point where 2016 will be the first time I will find it easy to vote a Top Ten album list in the Village Voice Critics Poll in over a decade. I mean, for The Swedish Polarbears alone, and they're just the tip of the iceberg.

In any case, courtesy of my chum Marc Platt -- and may I just say, and for the record, that the fact I never got to see his band The Real Impossibles in a club back in the day is now the great regret of my adult life -- I've just discovered the incredibly great Nick Piunti.

Holy Cheap Trick, Beatles, Matthew Sweet, Willie Nile et al, Batman!

The above song is from a 2013 album; Nick's newest CD came out at the end of September (on Marty Scott's JEM Records imprint, which I hadn't realized still existed) and it's more of the same and possibly even more infectiously memorable.

You can find out the skinny on Nick -- who's been doing this kind of stuff for years, and why didn't I get the memo previously? -- over at his official website here. You can also order his albums, which I recommend you do posthaste.

Have I mentioned that this guy is so great I hate him?

Have a great weekend, everybody!


Blue Ash Fan said...

This is too weird.

I just discovered Nick last month through a post at Powerpopaholic. I was blown away and bought all three of his albums on the spot. Since then, the only album I've played other than these three gems is Ian Hunter's amazing new release, Fingers Crossed.

Weirder still, I was playing 13 in My Head when I checked for today's update here.

I've become evangelical about Mr. Piunti, even buying his albums for my brother. (I don't distribute free copies of music unless the artist in question has Springsteen money.)

Three solo albums, 33 songs, not a duff track among them. My favorite Nick Piunti album? All of them!

If your collection doesn't include 13 in My Head, Beyond the Static, and Trust Your Instincts, and you consider yourself a power popper, then your collection is utterly, sadly, and embarrassingly incomplete.

In a just world, man. In a just world.....

steve simels said...

This song is life affirming at a time I really needed to hear something life affirming.

I'm getting a little verklempt.

FD13NYC said...

That's some nicely written and performed stuff I've heard in a while. Excellent pop, made me smile. Good find Steverino!

Ice Cream Man said...

The day Nick contacted me to play his new album at the time, "13 In My Head" on my show was a great day indeed.....and I have played his songs on the show for every release since.....superb tuneage indeed, I know where you are coming from Steve!
On another note, I was in the hometown of Swedish Polarbears a few weeks back and missed the chance to go grab some beers with them!!!!

Blue Ash Fan said...

Steve, I just sent this post to Nick. He said he's going to post it on his Facebook page. Thought you might like to know.

Anything Should Happen said...

That trio of albums is as good as anything around. Let's hope that the airplay that Trust Your Instincts is getting will allow the breakthrough. Hope you are well Steve.

Gummo said...

steve, this is one time your patented over-the-top enthusiasm is well deserved!

Timeless, catchy power pop. I gotta check out more by this guy!

Allan Rosenberg said...

Extremely tasty!!!

Bring it Tuesday.

Captain Al

Anna said...'s your birthday (everybody say "Happy Birthday, Sleeve Nimels!") and you give *me* this nice little gift? Thank you, and I hope you had a happier night than the "verklempt" morning! (Oh, also JEM Records an offshoot of the old JEM Imports? My brother used to work there!)

steve simels said...

Anna -- re: Jem.... yes.

GLLinMO said...

Wow. Gotta get

Nick Piunti said...

Thanks for all the great comments! Big thanks to Steve for spreading the word (and my music).

Mr. Minimac said...

Fantastic! Great tip, Steve. Come to find out his home base is only a couple of hundred miles down I-96 from me so I will be tracking him down. Hope that the live performances are equally toe tapping!

Anything Should Happen said...

It's a great scene round by Nick Mr M, makes me jealous of being in the UK. Ryan Allen, The Legal Matters all close by.

Mark said...

Looking forward to receiving the full CD. This post caught MY attention.

Anonymous said...

I too just discovered Nick Piunti's music - great stuff. And I'll second the recommendation about Ryan Allen, and The Legal Matters.

DB said...

I only check this site out every week or two (even though I love it dearly) and am very late to the party here.

Just seconding the love for Nick Piunti. Found him a few years back through Powerpopaholic and have everything he's released.

His vocal style reminds me of Mike Viola, who is one of my all-time faves.

In a fair world, Nick would be on my radio, not just on my iPod.