Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Off to the Land of Ice and Snow!

Stockholm, here we come!!!

BTW, I absolutely adore that Trent Reznor re-imagining of the Zep song, and I think the David Fincher film of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo from which it derives is (with the exception of one head-scratching directorial decision) close to a masterpiece. Particular kudos go to the screenplay by Steve Zallian, whose opening ten minutes or so is about as brilliantly concise a piece of exposition as you'll ever encounter.

That said, the credit sequence for Fincher's film is -- apart from the music -- utterly and inexplicably pointless and seemingly unmoored to the rest of the film.

BTW -- don't get me started on the piece of crap Swedish version, which is barely at the level of a made for Lifetime TV-movie.

Have I mentioned that we're leaving for Stockholm today?


steves said...

Why, yes, yes you have.

You and the dame have an awesome time now, ya hear? We'll still be on a slow boil and trying to rid ourselves of the orange lunatic when you get back.

steves said...

Back on topic...did you know that Trent and his dad crashed at my apartment in the Village for a week when he was about 12 and on his first trip to NYC? Absolutely true...they're good friends of my buddy from PA, who gave them my number. He was a pretty shy kid, as I recall.

I've often been tempted to see if I could crash at his place sometime in return. Ha!

steve simels said...

I think I knew that. Pretty cool in any case.

Unknown said...

Steve, agree with your opinion re the merits of the Swede vs US versions of the GWTDT movies. And I usually HATE American remakes -- nearly always unnecessary and miss the point --- but in this case the Swedish one was lame and badly miscast (everyone was too old). But we seem to be in the minority. Maybe you could ask some Swedes what they thought.
Anyway, enjoy your trip!

steve simels said...

And the woman who played Lisbeth in the Swedish version was WAY too tall glamorous and sexy. She's supposed to be so nondescript you'd barely notice her in the subway,.