Monday, March 27, 2017

There Is Nothing Like a Dame!!!

From her forthcoming sophomore album Third (due in a few weeks from the swell folks at Omnivore Records) please enjoy the thoroughly amazing Cait Brennan and the lead-off track -- "Bad at Apologies."

Long time readers will recall that I first wrote about Cait back in February of last year on the occasion of the release of her first album Debutante. Which made my top 10 album list and a lot of other critic's lists as well. Deservedly.

The new one, apart from being even better, was actually recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis, in the same room where Big Star recorded, and using a lot of Big Star's gear, including their mellotron. I can only guess at what a thrilling experience that must have been.

I should also add that "Bad at Apolgies" has one of the greatest opening lines -- "I'm the asshole who stole your boyfriend" -- in rock history. And that Third features a song entitled "Benedict Cumberbatch," which is so great I can't fricking stand it.

But -- in the immortal words of Marty Di Bergi -- enough of my yaking. Get over to the Omnivore website here to pre-order the album. You won't be sorry.


Anonymous said...

This is good stuff gang. I've been enjoying Cait's first album Debutante and this sounds like Cait has conquered any chance of a sophomore slump.

Captain Al

Anonymous said...

Love it!