Thursday, November 23, 2017

It's Turkey Day (An Annual Series)

From 1969, here's the original classic lineup of Procol Harum...

...and their utterly gorgeous "Pilgrim's Progress."

Pilgrim -- get it? It's not rocket science, kids.

As long-time readers may recall, this song is something of a Thanksgiving tradition around here by now. Although I'll grant you that given we're now in the era of President Engelbert Trumperdinck it's not quite the same anymore.

In any case, enjoy the cranberry sauce and stuffing, everybody.

Also -- Matthew Fisher is God©.


John Werner said...

Hey bro I respect your Thanksgiving musical remembrance. I dig it...But, Mine is always and forever The Band's Last Waltz. I think 2017 represents the 41st anniversary or thereabouts. I love this music any time but on Thanksgiving it rises up to a very special place indeed. We've lost Rick, Richard, and Levon but the music is as great as ever. We have the wonderful film by Marty and for those who want to dig the whole concert on YouTube. Happy Thanksgiving Steve and everyone else.

Jonathan F. King said...

Lifelong favorite for some reason. (My mother compulsively hummed "Long Gone Geek" during my third trimester -- could that be it?) Also appreciate John Werner's idea, and everyone else's. If we've bumped the concept from song to full performance (I missed the memo), I'd probably go with "Concert for George" if dinner ran long.