Monday, November 06, 2017

The Return of Chet Catkins

From 2017, please enjoy power pop god Richard X. Heyman and a hilarious feline-themed video -- from his latest album Incognito -- of the utterly infectious "So What."

You can read more about Richard over HERE, specifically my review of his 2007 masterpiece Actual Sighs. Plus you can listen to an Mp3 of my favorite song from the record. Prepare to have your mind blown at the sheer gorgeousness of it.

And you can -- and definitely should -- order the new album over at AMAZON. You'll thank me.

[h/t Brooklyn Girl]


Blue Ash Fan said...

My personal choice for Most Gorgeous Richard X. Heyman Song, from Cornerstone, "Clear to Me Now."

Anonymous said...

Steve, have you seen this documentary about the Easybeats? I figure it's up your alley.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

thank you.