Wednesday, December 20, 2017

It's Graham Gouldman Week (Part III): Special Nom du Disque Edition

From 1969, please enjoy the great Graham Gouldman (and the rest of the guys who would later become 10cc) doing business as The Ohio Express with a song that didn't make the cut for the just released compilation CD Listen People: The Graham Gouldman Songbook 1964-2005...

...but should have; to wit, the infectiously bubble-gummy "Sausalito."

This was a minor hit in 1969; I loved it at the time, but it wasn't till years later that I learned that Gouldman had written and sung the darn thing.

Another Gouldman oddity -- this time featuring the son of a certain beloved by the French comic auteur -- on the morrow.


Ken J Xenozar said...

Great tune. I really like that you are diving into GG's stuff here. So many great songs.

pete said...

a real surprise

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an Easybeats demo from the late 60's with slightly lame lyrics.

Thumbs up.

Captain Al

Unknown said...

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