Tuesday, December 19, 2017

It's Graham Gouldman Week (Part Deux); Special "Guys From Canada" Edition

From the 2004 album Feedback, and now the just released compilation CD Listen People: The Graham Gouldman Songbook 1964-2005....

...please enjoy (and I can't believe I'm saying this) Rush and their pretty fucking cool cover of the Yardbirds/Gouldman classic "Heart Full of Soul."

I somehow managed to miss that Rush album when it came out, but it's also got some pretty respectable covers of the Who, Love, Buffalo Springfield, and even another Yardbirds song. I still can't say I'm a Rush fan -- although I love "Take Off" with Bob and Doug McKenzie -- but I'll give them this, they obviously have pretty good record collections.

More Gouldman stuff -- that you probably haven't heard -- on the morrow.


Billy B said...

Not bad. Not as menacing as the Yardbirds version.

I really liked 10cc back when also.

Anonymous said...


Captain Al

Anonymous said...

How about something wonderful tomorrow? A GG interpretation worthy of the man!!!!!

Captain Al