Friday, December 22, 2017

It's Graham Gouldman Week (Part V): Special Saving the Best For Last Edition

From British TV in 1998, please enjoy the great Graham Gouldman, hero of the just released CD compilation Listen People: The Graham Gouldman Songbook 1964...

...and an acoustic version, to die for, of his classic "Bus Stop."

This is, if you pressed me, probably my favorite song of all time. Incidentally, that's Neil Finn of Crowded House and Roddy Frame of Aztec Camera to Gouldman's left. As the friend who hipped me to the clip observed:

Notice the faces and body language of Finn and Frame. Looks as if they’re both thinking along the same lines: ‘Motherfuck — he wrote this when he was 19. What are we supposed to be doing up here?’

Yes, indeedy.

Have a great weekend, everybody.

[h/t Matt Mitchell]


Anonymous said...

The FloMos would have knocked "Bus Stop" out of the park!!!

Good week!

Captain Al

Anonymous said...

My favourite cover of "Bus Stop" is by the MonaLisa Twins:

For me, it retains the charm and innocence of the original. And the video is entertaining.

Trivia: There's some very dodgy bass playing from 0:51-0:52.

Peter Scott

Superbillie1 said...

Hello Steve,
shit both looking as if they were at a funeral and not together with a musical legend on stage.

Wish you a great christmas time with your peoples.
And all the best for 2018, my musical friend

Kind regards

Anonymous said...

Steve, spite of an interesting year - MERRY CHRISTMAS.
I've been a 10cc ever since I first heard "Rubber Bullets", '71 ?
They became even more interesting, archivist that I am, I found out Gouldman wrote "For Your Love (Yardbirds), No Milk Today (Herman Hermits).
I had no idea Gouldman wrote "Bus Stop". I just saw Graham Nash on TV sin2g his version.
I'll give the nod to Mr.G.


SRNotice said...