Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Last Christmas Song

Okay, okay -- I'm as sick of holiday music as the rest of you guys. But my chum Steve Notice -- who wrote and performed the song below -- put up this video earlier in December, and it just fricking slays me.

By which I mean it's both very funny AND genuinely touching.

BTW -- a coveted PowerPop NoPrize© will be awarded to the first reader who comes up with a credible answer to the question -- who does Steve's voice remind you of?

Frankly, it's driving me crazy. Maybe a cross between Dan Fogelberg, Arlo Guthrie and Phil Ochs?

Help me out here, people!!!


steve simels said...

It's Jesse Winchester! Thank you FD13.

pete said...

I woulda said Steve Goodman.

steve simels said...

Him too, now that you mention it.