Thursday, April 12, 2018

Annals of Post-Hippie Revisionism

From 2009, please enjoy Top Loader's totally infectious modernization of the venerable "Dancing in the Moonlight."

I gotta say, I've always liked this song, but neither of the more familiar versions -- the 1972 Top 40 hit by King Harvest...

...or the 1969 original FM staple by Boffalongo...

...completely did it for me.

The Top Loader remake, however (which I hadn't heard till yesterday, courtesy of a Pandora channel at my local watering hole), kinda knocks my socks off. Despite the fact that they're pasty-faced Brits who used to open for Coldplay.


Anonymous said...

I can see why it caught your attention, but i'm a little turned off by the singer's affected vowels. Someone like the Generationals could probably go a step further and make this a transformed cover. Makes you think, tho - what's next, "Brandy," "Cowboys to Girls"?

Anonymous said...

I wish the women I knew in college were as easy to please (in the biblical sense) as Steve sometimes is in the musical sense.

Captain Al

Dave said...

I was open to a new cover of this song, which I love. Boffalongo's lead singer reminds me of Walter Brennan. King Harvest might be anonymous and generic, but they improved it by upping the tempo (this should be a song you want to dance to). Like Anonymous, I find the lead singer mannered and the tempo lethargic.
This song will always be in the shadows of "Brandy," but then most singles are.

Dave F