Thursday, April 26, 2018

Remember Folks -- The Word Duck is 3/4 Obscene

From sometime in the mid-70s, please enjoy The Weasels -- featuring a guitarist whose name rhymes with Sleeve Nimels -- and their insinuating cover version of Jelly Roll Morton's "Whinin' Boy."

And then, from 1939 and the celebrated Alan Lomax Library of Congress sessions, please enjoy the composer's spectacularly smutty version of the same tune.

God, that's filthy. And paid for with taxpayer's money, thus proving that you libtards have been trying to destroy America's moral fiber since forever.

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pete said...

When I listened to the complete L of C recordings it seemed pretty plain that Lomax was egging him on here and that at first Morton wasn't interested. Finally Morton starts cursing over the lyrics of the tune in a way that just doesn't fit the meter. It always struck me that this wasn't a rare, "dirty" version of the tune but just Morton enjoying the one-of-a-kind chance for a black man to cuss out a white man.