Monday, April 23, 2018

Cover Versions I Haven't Made Up My Mind About: An Occasional Series

From 2008, please enjoy the great Lindsey Buckingham and his version of The Rolling Stones' anthemic "The Singer Not the Song."

This was originally recorded for Buckingham's Gift of Screws solo album, but didn't surface untill a bootleg version of the album appeared years later. In any case, I hadn't heard it until last week, and I still haven't decided if the song works at such a glacial tempo.

That said, I relistened to the Stones original recently, which I dearly loved (actually sang it in a band back in the '70s), and it suddenly struck me as an unholy mess.

Funny, that.


Anonymous said...

Huge Lindsey guy here. I hold him up there with Mick Taylor, Bill Nelson, etc. in my guitar heros. The Stones cover...lose the reverb, lose the echo.
Nice try


pete said...

I like it. I always thought the Stones record was "an umholy mess," too. (Keith's least competent harmony vocal, for one thing.) In this one the beautiful chord changes have room to open up.

Anonymous said...

The Buckingham Stones cover I really like is his version of "I am Waiting".

Captain Al

steve simels said...

Jeebus, Capt. Al -- you're right. That's fantastic.

danny1959 said...

I love it, and I don't care who knows it.