Thursday, August 30, 2018

Loud Noises Say So Much (Part Deux)

And speaking as we were yesterday of godfathers of punk The Sonics, from 1985 please enjoy The Fuzztones and their brilliant cover of perhaps my all-time favorite Sonics song.

That harp solo, which is the main point of difference between the FTs cover and the original, just slays me; the track effectively picks itself up and flies once whoever is playing it starts wailing.


Anonymous said...

you're right about the harp! reminds me of Dave Walker's take on Fleetwood Mac's cover of "Roadrunner."

steve simels said...

I''d forgotten that Roadrunner cover. Absolutely fabulous.

Anonymous said...

the Lyres or related band DMZ just killed "Cinderella" all done without the silly optical "60's garage band" trappings. I had one of those Vox guitars, looks cool but play like shit.