Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Buchanan and Goodman Rule! (An Occasional Series): Special "It Came From Outer Space" Edition

From 1956, please enjoy the original Flying Saucer records -- the aptly named "The Flying Saucer Pts. 1 and 2," by the comic geniuses of the original rock era Buchanan and Goodman.

For those of you too young to remember, the Flying Saucer records -- also known by the more generic term cut-in records -- were all done pre-digital, i.e. actual human beings had to sit around in the studio and manually edit magnetic tape by physically cutting it and then re-attaching the pieces via plasic adhesive.

I should also add that those records were one of the three great influences on my early comic sensibility, along with Groucho Marx on TV and Mad Magazine. And in any event, given the reports in the news of late -- about the Pentagon releasing new and somewhat convincing UFO footage it seems like a good time to revisit them.

BTW, and I didn't know this until this very morning, but Bill Buchanan plays the disc jockey and Dickie Goodman plays reporter John Cameron Cameron.


Billy B said...

The song reminds me of "Flyin' Saucers Rock and Roll" by Billy Lee Riley (and his Little Green Men).

In the late 70s, I worked for an interior decorating/furniture store and Riley was the painter for the store.

steve simels said...

Wow. Seriously, pal -- wow.

Billy B said...

Let's see - my great uncle's wife's brother was Charlie Rich. Conway Twitty (Harold Jenkins) was from my hometown and dated one of my friend's mother.

Jimmy Ray "Luke" Paulman (The Weight, guitar player for Ronnie Hawkins) was from my hometown as was Will "Pop" Jones (piano player for Hawkins). Jones' wife was my piano teacher.