Tuesday, August 11, 2020

The Greatest Album Title of All Time

I don't even care if the music sucks. Psychedelic schlemiels?

Sorry, it just doesn't get any better than that.

BTW, that is an actual album, and it's from a series that apparently is up to volume 4.

And yes, as you can hear from this representative clip...

...the music sucks.

But with an album title like that -- what difference does it make?

Mazel tov!!!


Billy B said...

The "concept" reminds me of the old Nuggets series from all those years ago.

pete said...

Is this a particular "scene " that has held its followers over the years or more demographic slicing and dicing by music corporations trying to invent one? You're right. Who cares.

And Peanut Rubble are a little more listenable than the Shaggs, helped by the fact that they were doing it voluntarily.

pete said...

my 1982 LP Paradise Loft was one of the most horrendous pieces of musical flatulence ever unleashed in that or any other year. But I always liked the title.