Thursday, August 06, 2020

Your Thursday Moment of the Coolest Thing Ever

In the immortal words of Cristina Applegate on Married With Children, you could have knocked me over with the weather when I recently learned that 60th Mayor of Atlanta and all around good person Keisha Lance Bottoms... the daughter of the incomparable Major Lance....

...who was the auteur of one of my favorite early 60s r&b/soul songs....

...which BTW happens to be a hugely unacknowledged influence on the music of Bruce Springsteen.

I mean c'mon -- compare "Monkey Time" to this...

...and tell me I'm making this up.

PS: Mayor Bottoms, alas, has the Trump Virus, but when last we heard, she's gonna be alright.

[h/t Mark R]

1 comment:

edward said...

Now that's a useful bit of info,

Semi-off topic, has anyone ever written a book or done any sort of deep dive into the choreographers and back up dancers of 1960's music and variety shows? Every week putting on several different dance numbers that are more often than not, totally twisted (I mean common, look at the "Monkey Dance" those girls are doing)? There has to be some really strange stories associated with all of this.
Also, most deranged backup dancers would make for a good Friday list.