Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Keep Watching the Skies!

From 1957, please enjoy Buchanan and Goodman -- the great comic geniuses of the original rock era -- and their second official Flying Saucer record, i.e. the sequel to the ones I posted yesterday.

I've said it before but it behooves repeating -- Buchanan and Goodman's stuff literally changed my life. Unfortunately, B&G's stuff obviously changed Elon Musk's life too, except he didn't get the joke.


elroy said...

Takes me back!

Reminded me of Party From Outer Space, the Albert Brooks take on these off of his A Star Is Bought album, where he did the authentic-sounding sound clips as part of it.

steve simels said...

Funny you should mention. See this space on Friday.

elroy said...

Should have known you'd be on the case!