Monday, August 31, 2020

Friends of Mine: Songs by People I Actually Know That I Played on Capt. Al's LOST AT SEA Last Week Which You May Have Missed (Part I)

From their 2001 greatest hits album 3000 Nights in Babylon, please enjoy the incomparable White Animals -- featuring the song's auteur Steve Boyd on lead vocals -- with their power pop masterpiece "This Girl of Mine."

I should add that the song itself derives from the Animals 1984 indie album Ecstasy, and that both it and Babylon are still available over at Amazon.

I've written about the White Animals before, but herewith a little refresher for newbies.

The White Animals are the great lost American rock band of the 80s -- a ferocious live act (any band that shared a stage with them did so at their peril) and true musical visionaries whose ahead of its time mix of 60s garage-punk energy, British Invasion song structures, and dub reggae soundscapes by way of Lee Perry still sounds utterly fresh and contemporary.

I wrote that back in 2000, but I first met these guys -- who basically ruled the college alt-rock/frat party scene down South in their heyday -- in the late 70s while interviewing the redoubtable Marshall Chapman. Years later, the Floor Models had the great pleasure of opening for them on one of their infrequent trips to NYC. I should add -- as I suggested in the blurb -- that they blew us off the stage. In the nicest and most supportive way possible.

And here's a video that just slays me.

Also yes: Unless I miss my guess, the title of today's post is the longest one in the history of this here blog.

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Mark said...

One GREAT song.

In the same vein, there's Plan 9's I Like Girls from their 1983 album, Dealing With The Dead (at

And of course there's The Nails' 88 Lines About 44 Women, one of whose couplets is (really!) "Kamala couldn't sing, kept the beat and kept it strong."

Big fan of both of these long ago and far away bands.