Monday, February 22, 2021

Tales from the Republican Death Cult

Via e-mail, an hour ago.

"Just learned that the best boogie piano player of our generation died in Austin - likely of hypothermia-induced cardiac arrest. His house had no heat or water for five days. He was a friend and I can't even grasp he's not going to be there to liven things up. May you have great records to listen to and great musicians to jam with wherever you are, Gene Taylor."

I should add that I'm still spitting angry at Trump for the COVID death of Adam Schlesinger. May everybody in the leadership of the so-called Party of Life -- hell, everybody who voted for that orange-haired shithead -- rot in hell in perpetuity.


Anonymous said...

Gene Taylor was the great keyboard player for The Blasters during their early to mid 1980's heyday! An amazing player.

I blame his death on the wind turbines failing and his not being able to getaway to Cancun for a mid-winter break. President Biden should add the mid winter Cancun getaway to every US citizen's stimulus package.

Captain Al

Blue Ash Fan said...

Frankly, Steve, I think you're going too easy on them.

Gummo said...

The Republican Party is not just a death cult, it's a murder cult.

Fascism fetishizes death as a noble thing. it's noble to die for the glory of The Leader. It's noble to kill the unfaithful for the glory of The Leader.

Whether you think The Leader is Trump or capitalism itself, we're seeing this sick anti-life philosophy playing out before our eyes.

RIP, Gene. You deserved better. We all do.

Roadmaster said...

It's somewhat saddening that after someone dies - especially under circumstances such as Gene Taylor did - that there are stories and videos that come out from all corners of the universe that demonstrate prowess above and beyond even what you'd previously witnessed.

In that, we are all diminished by the early deaths of Gene Taylor, Adam Schlesinger, and the hundreds of thousands of others who have had years - decades - of creativity and joy taken away by political decisions (or indecisions).

Thank you for taking the time to remember and pay tribute, Steve.