Friday, February 12, 2021

You Still Can't Buy a Better Rock Album

Apparently some people are copping all sorts of attitude because Bruce Springsteen did a Jeep commercial that aired at some sports event last weekend.

To those people, let me simply say -- Jeebus H. Christ on a piece of burnt challah toast.

Seriously, as the invaluable Roy Edroso makes the point -- far more amusingly than I could -- any putative liberal who's professing to be upset about this nonsense is playing into rightwing assholes hands BIG TIME.

And they should cut it the fuck out.

In any case, I'm venting about all this because I recently learned that there is an official -- with vastly improved sound -- CD release of the legendary Springsteen Live at the Roxy in 1975 bootleg (which I had on vinyl back in the day)...

...and it's even better than I remembered, i.e. absolutely transcendent and life affirming. You know -- the way art is supposed to be.

And if you don't believe me, check out this version of "Thunder Road"...

...and this cover of a Searchers classic.

You can order the whole thing over HERE, or you can just nicely ask me to burn a copy for you.

End of rant -- except why didn't I get the memo about the album previously? Sheesh.

Oh -- and have a great weekend, everybody!!!


Anonymous said...

That Roxy 1975 is a great one but...

What us hardcore Bruce Springsteen fans really need is 1973-1974 material in top sounding quality!

Hints: My Father's Place 7/73, Max's Kansas City 1/73 and Philadelphia early 1974 come to mind!

We really don't need any more 2013 stadium shows released until we catch up with those early gems.

Captain Al (always stirring the pot!)

Have a great weekend gang!

Anonymous said...

If Dylan can endorse Victoria's Secret, Cadillac, Citibank, and others, Springsteen can endorse Jeep. Artists suffer, and have been doing so since the first French painter got lost exiting a Lascaux cave 30,000 years ago. But artists sell their work to survive, and to criticize artists for making money off their work or their images is a colossal waste of time and energy.

pete said...

I think that version of Thunder Road was on the multi-LP live set, yes? Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bruce likes Jeep vehicles. Then it would be fine if he endorses their vehicles.

I'm sure Dylan likes ladies in sexy underwear! I do. Bowie had much of his early success wearing sexy ladies underwear.

Captain Al

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else having trouble with the files? I can't play them or download them, in either Safari or Firefox.


Anonymous said...


I frequently have the same problem in Safari and Firefox also,

Captain Al

edward said...

This version of Thunder Road was the same tour as the Milwaukee Bomb Concert. Bruce came out and sang it alone at the piano. Then he told us we had to leave because of a bomb threat. He didn't know where we would be in four hours, but he would be back there. And he was. And it was the most amazing concert I've ever seen. This has been, since that night, the way Thunder Road is supposed to sound.