Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Marc of the Beast

From his fabulous just released EP, please enjoy friend of PowerPop (and moi) Marc Platt and its quite wonderfully cosmic title song "Colors of the Universe."

A great performance and tune, obviously, and I should add that rhyming "perverse" and "universe" is a feat most of us mere mortals will never surpass.

In any case, if you don't know Marc's work, here's the short version: Although he's been a prolific solo artist for a bunch of years now, he first came to my attention when I discovered that he was a labelmate; a collection of his 80s work with his power pop band The Real Impossibles -- who as they say, were world famous in Los Angeles -- was reissued on Australia's Zero Hour records a few months after the Floor Models' Floor Your Love.

I heard this track from the compilation...

...and I was an instant fan. Why these guys weren't as critically fawned over as The Plimsouls was and is utterly beyond my ken.

In any case, the new EP has seven terrific songs -- I posted "Everything Dies" the other day -- all more or less in the same vein of catchy punkish folk-psychedelia as "Colors," and it's one of the most entertaining things I've been privileged to hear in ages.

You can -- and very definitely should -- order it (either to stream or buy the physical CD) over at Amazon HERE. Act now.

And BTW, you can snag a copy of the Real Impossibles album over at the official website of Zero Hour Records. You'll thank me.

PS: Marc also is a terrific deejay, and he has a new internet radio show, which airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday (at 3pm PDT) over HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool song. Thanks for posting it.