Wednesday, April 07, 2021

It's Self-Indulgence Week: Part III -- Why Not?

From his 1960 comedy album classic, please enjoy hero of my youth (and a regular on the old Steve Allen show) Dayton Allen (no relation to Steverino) and "Surgeon."

And may I simply say, and for the record, that "Surgery to me is more than just a way to make a good fast buck" is one of my favorite dumb jokes of all time? Thank you.

I should add that, after the variety show, Dayton was a prolific contributor of cartoon voices, including Deputy Dawg and Heckle and Jeckle.

I should also add that he did an absolutely killer Groucho Marx impression, which you can see at the beginiing of this 1963 clip from I've Got a Secret that I've included, because I love you all more than food.

You're welcome.


FD13NYC said...

That is very funny!!

Anonymous said...

Dayton Allen made the same jokes extremely funny every week on the Steve Allen show!

I just realized the character Pookie from The Soupy Sales Show and Dayton Allen are the same person.

Thank you for highlighting this clip today as it has totally brightened my day

Why not!!!

Captain Al