Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Apparently, there was another death by cop yesterday. Police in Ohio shot and killed a 16 year old black girl shortly before the Chauvin verdict.

The fact that the above 1999 Springsteen song is still obviously relevant -- 22 years after the murder of Amadou Diallo by Rudy Guiliani's city-sanctioned sociopaths -- is beyond infuriating.


Blue Ash Fan said...

Man, he took some serious shit for this song.

To this day, "Promise mama you'll keep your hands in sight" still chokes me up.

Billy B said...

Damn. The 16 year old supposedly had a knife and was trying to stab another girl. The cop shot her multiple times. If the girl had been white, a completely different ending would have occurred.

steve simels said...

The knife hasn’t been confirmed.

Mike Bankhead said...

Columbus is my mom's hometown. I have plenty of friends there, and have not generally ever felt unsafe there, but CPD is doing all they can to make it an unwelcoming place.

Unknown said...

Cop Cam caught the young girl with the knife going after another girl, by a car, in a rage. IIRC she then turned back to go after the girl on the ground again. If what I saw was true the Officer was trying to prevent the young girl from being stabbed again.
Regarding Chauvin- No appeals when you been found guilty on all 3. SOB will be in solitary for years. Great Verdict