Tuesday, April 06, 2021

It's Self-Indulgenece Week: Part II -- Like, Long Hair!!!

From 1935, please enjoy Serge Prokofiev playing a piano version of the Gavotte from his Symphony No.1, or as we hipsters call it, the "Classical" Symphony.

That's from one of my all time favorite historical recordings; the performance of the wonderful concerto on side one is to die for, but the side two gavotte always struck me as a sort of classical equivalent of a pop single, and I probably played it as much as any track on a Beatles album.

I should add that all Angel's reissues of 78s had the same standardized packaging as the above; the album covers felt not like cardboard but like linen, and the booklets that came with them were uniformly fabulous. I can't remember which other ones I had, although one of them was probably Fritz Kreisler doing the Brahms violin concerto.


Anonymous said...

Could you play it on the piano?

Captain Al

steve simels said...

Never tried, though if I can find the score I might learn it this summer. I have a terrific electronic keyboard with a great piano sound in my home office now.

pete said...

Always preferred this version to the full-orchestra.