Friday, June 24, 2022

Records I'd Forgotten Existed, Let Alone Loved: An Occasional Feature (Special "The Four Seasons" Edition)

From 1967, please enjoy The Hollies and (the b-side of "Carrie-Anne") their gorgeous (Clarke-Hicks-Nash penned) "Signs That Will Never Change."

The song itself first saw the light of vinyl in 1966, on The Everly Brothers Two Yanks in England LP, on which the Bros were backed by The Hollies. But this rendition has some vaguely psychedelic touches that to my ears make it definitive. In any case, a genuine overlooked classic.

Have a great weekend, everybody!!!


Allan Rosenberg said...

The Hollies run of 3 albums (Stop, Stop, Stop, Evolution, & Butterfly) was quite an impressive run of albums.

I would share the ending is a different mix to the one I remember.

Doctored Captain Al.

Anonymous said...

66 was such a good year for music. I was only 8 at the time but I love that era.