Friday, August 26, 2022

Literary Notes From All Over

From 1964 in The New Yorker, please enjoy Nat Hentoff's brilliant profile of Bob Dylan as he was recording his fourth album. You know -- the one with "Chimes of Freedom."

And you can read it over at the link HERE.

I should add that when this was written, Hentoff was also a jazz and pop critic at the Magazine Formerly Known as Stereo Reivew, and when I got my gig over there, I was briefly Nat's editor. Very nice guy.

I should also add that the Floor Models did a bunch of demos in that same CBS studio in NYC, which was a helluva thrill.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

[h/t Eric Boardman]


getawaygoober said...

I liked Hentoff's article. Even back then, Dylan was telling everybody that he didn't want to be part of any "movement". And they still keep pulling at him, trying to suck the blood out of him. said...

Steve, how old were you when you got the job as Editor of S/R ? You had to have been younger than Nat.
How did that go ? I mean he's up there with Cristoff.

steve simels said...

If memory serves, I got the gig when I was 26 or 27.

Anonymous said...

enjoyed that thanks. think i'll dust off some dylan and baez albums this afternoon.

marginalt said...

You were definitely younger than Hentoff - How'd it feel to be editing a "Cheever" ?
There has to be a good story there...C'mon give it up
rob said...

C'mon Steve, you must have red lined more than one review 😉

Ripley said...

OMG, Mary! To say that I'm surprised to see this blog alive would be an outrageous understatement. I apologize for my lack of viewing and support.

It's been too many years. I hope you and Thers and your 78 Catholic(!) kids are all doing well. I'd love to catch up.

Your pal,
Rip -

Ripley said...

Apologies to Steve - I was so shocked to see this blog alive that I didn't check the author of the post.

I've been reading through and digging most of it.

Anonymous said...

Where is Steve? It's not like him to not post anything without saying he is up to monkey business. I hope you are alright Steve.