Friday, August 19, 2022

Records I'd Forgotten Existed, Let Alone Loved: An Occasional Feature (Special "50s Ballad Pastiche" Edition)

From 2014, please enjoy everybody's favorite pop tart Lydia Loveless and her spine-tingingly gorgeous cover of "They Don't Know."

Seriously -- that's just great. I think it's legitimately better than both the hit version by Tracey Ullman AND the original by the song's composer, the late great Kirsty MacColl. I mean, forgetting the vocal, which is about as well sung as you can get, but the backing band track is just outrageously cool in a jangly folk-rock way.

BTW, first time I heard that was when I was a guest on the much missed intertube radio show Lost at Sea formerly hosted by friend of PowerPop Captain Al.

Thanks, Captain.

Have a great weekend, everybody!!!


Anonymous said...

Lydia's "Indestructible Machine" is one terrific record.

She is the real deal but has been bit all over the map in terms of who she wants to be. That's generally a good thing in an artist. But her catalog is a bit erratic as a result.

Indestructible Machine is start to finish terrific. No way you can listen to "Steve Earle" and not smile all the way through it.



Allan Rosenberg said...

She's the best!

Doctored Captain Al

JB said...

Cool version of this great song!