Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Odes to Air Conditioning

So as you may have have guessed by my absence since the weekend, I've had a couple of rough days lately, but by way of making it up to my beloved readers, please enjoy ewverybody's favorite sisters from Liverpool (by way of Austria) The Mona Lisa Twins and a lovely cover of Don McLean's "Vincent."

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- those gals have really got it.

I should add that McClean is not particularly in fashion these days (for reasons I neeedn't go into in a family blog) but that's still a really good song.


JB said...

Love the twins and the song, not so much the author.

pete said...

Andy Breckman is voluble on the subject.

Alzo said...

Pretty good song? I'd nominate it for the prettiest song ever. The twins do a terrific version.

Here's one with a ringer on lead guitar:

Peter Power Pop said...


I think my favourite cover by the twins is "God Only Knows": said...

PPP - Lovely rendition, thx for the link. Brought a touch of sadness knowing
we.will never hear Carl Wilson sing it