Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Peace in the World or the World in Pieces

Today is the anniversary of the World War II atomic bombing of Nagasaki, Japan (August, 1945), which I think we can all agree was one of the most morally reprehensible things ever done by this country.

Here's a reminder -- Sam Hinton's classic talking blues "Old Man Atom."

That was released (and a hit) in 1950, when I was three years old; my parents must have had a copy, because by the time I was in early elementary school I can remember obsessively playing it on the phonograph in my bedroom -- that red Columbia label is one of the most vivid images of my childhood. (I'm informed that The Sons of the Pioneers also did a version for RCA; I'll have to check that out).

In any case, given what's going on in Ukraine the song has lost none of its relevance. I should also add that the explosion at the end is a nice macabre production touch.


dorethyroad@aol.com said...

Steve, I try to be apolitical on your site. One of my best friends Dad
was held as a Japanese POW in a Copper Mine for 3 years. His stories which he shared with me over dinner one evening. The
e degradation was horrifying.
Ed Keller, Scupin Submarine , there was a book written about it,, he was John McCain before John.
I guess my point is that we may be revulsed but, those 2 bombs save millions of Americans
You may delete this if it offends you.
I mean no harm

steve simels said...

Rob -- just bombing Hiroshima would have made the point with a lower body count. And actually, they should have dropped just one bomb and in an uninhabited area.

My two cents, obviously.

dorethyroad@aol.com said...

Steve, here is my email
If you would like more info about
Ed Kellers years as a POW I would be more than happy to share those with you offline.
Rob, thx for the kind rey

edward said...

The Sons of the Pioneers version was used in Atomic Cafe

Alzo said...

Nagasaki has to be the unluckiest town ever- it was too cloudy over the target Kokura so they went with the backup. One would think that the Tokyo firebombing would have compelled Japan to surrender- more were lost there than in the two A-bomb drops. But they didn't. I guess the US had to justify the expense of the Manhattan Project and use the damned things. Twice. That's pretty egregious, for sure.
In Malcolm Gladwell's 'The Bomber Mafia' he relates that after the war, Curtis LeMay (of all people!) was thanked by Japanese for bringing the war to a quick conclusion. So, yeah, seventy years later we still have no easy answer to this one.

mistah charley, sb, ma, phd, jsps said...

May I bring to your attention the song Hiroshima by Utopia (Rundgren, Powell, Sulton, Wilcox) performed live in Japan

"No one could imagine

Not the victors or the victims"


JB said...

Any talk of nuclear bombs always takes me back...

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