Wednesday, November 15, 2023

"And In The End, the Love You Take...." Heh Heh. He Said "In the End"....

Apparently, some weirdo having sexual fantasies involving John Lennon and Paul McCartney wangled a fat book deal cashing in on his issues.

Should I say "Good for him!"? YOU be the judge.

From the New York Times (who should have known better):

"...Although it has been variously framed as a friendship, a rivalry and a partnership of convenience, the best way to think about the relationship between these two geniuses is as a love affair. As far as we know [emphasis mine] it wasn’t a sexual relationship, but it was a passionate one: intense, tender and tempestuous,,,"

"As far as we know..."

Jesus, what a putz. Seriously, somebody is really overdoing it in the wishful thinking department.

I should add that I am now pitching a book which re-interprets the entire post break-up ouevre of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis in similar fashion. Wish me luck.


Allan Rosenberg said...

Re: Martin & Lewis:

Who was the bottom?


Captain Al

Gummo said...

Captain Al:

Sammy Petrillo.

ChrisE said...

Ohhh Deeaannnn !!!!!!

M_Sharp said...

What about the Rat Pack?? Was "Ocean's 11" just the tip of their male bonding? Nudge nudge wink wink!

steve simels said...

It's Beatles fan fiction. Like those Star Trek online stories about Kirk and Spock fucking.

Allan Rosenberg said...

I always assumed in an alternate universe Kirk & Kahn were jilted lovers to each other. Thus the bitterness.

They competed as to who was the top.

Captain Al

:-) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So much psycho- babble, B
What's next...? Ray and Dave incest, Liam, Noel S/M partners ? rob

Anonymous said...

John was too busy fucking Stu Sutcliffe and Brian Epstein :-)

But what about the Kray Twins?

But what about Ron and Russell Mael?