Thursday, November 02, 2023

Songs I'd Forgotten Existed, Let Alone Loved: Special "Goyim of the Canyon" Edition

From 1971, and their eponymous third album, please enjoy The Flying Burrito Brothers and their utterly lovely cover version of Gene Clark's radiantly Byrds-y "Tried So Hard."

This album kinda fell thhrough the cracks, critically speaking, back in the day, presumably because it didn't feature founding member/tragic genius Gram Parsons, but I think on balance it's their best effort. Reason I bring it up -- and I hadn't listened to the thing in ages -- is because reader J. Loslo suggested in comments yesterday that "Tried So Hard," in particular, could almost pass for proto-power pop balladry -- certainly more so than most of the nascent LA country rock of its day.

On sober reflection, I'm still kind of on the fence about that, but I think we can all agree that whatever it is, genre-wise, it's pretty damn exquisite.

I should add that this one, from the same album, is also pretty cool in a non-genre specific way.

Have I mentioned that TFBB may be the best record they did, the absence of Gram notwithstanding?


ChrisE said...

I'm not sure I'd agree that TFBB is a better album than the Burrito's wonderful debut LP, but I do think the third album is underrated, in part because Rick Roberts, Parsons' replacement, was never going to pose a threat to Gram in the Larger-Than-Life sweepstakes.

ChrisE said...

The TFBB album cover does leave me with one question: we know that Bernie Leadon once poured a beer over Glenn Frey's head but did he also bite a chunk out of Pete Kleinow's shoulder??

Anonymous said...

I know that I will get slaged for this
but.. with no malice to Mike Nesmith,
this sounds like a Monkees song -
Papa Genes Blues...oh well - rob

pete said...

Here's an opinion no one will like - Gram Parsons is overrated.

Marc said...

Tried So Hard is an absolute classic. Of the three versions in my music library, my favorite might just be the Fairport Convention version recorded at the BBC.

Re the title of this post, it's not exactly wrong, but Chris Hillman's father was a Red Sea pedestrian. Chris H wrote about it in his memoir that came out a few years ago.


getawaygoober said...

True or not, I like the story about Gram Parsons passed out in a recording studio with the Stones. And it's Keith Richards that stood over him and said "You're gonna have to straighten up if you're gonna be in this business."
Or something to that effect.

Dayn McBee said...

Here to likely get shit from music snobs but I loved Rick Roberts forays with Firefall. Loved their music and I was a 70s/80s powerpop nutcase. But that country music vibe was so soothing…