Monday, November 20, 2023

You Know, Some Days I Really Miss Anita Morris

So my original plan for today was to revisit some of the under-appreciated Rolling Stones albums from the '80s.

And then this video from their 1984 Undercover, which had long since slipped my mind, (er) popped up.

You should pardon the expression.

So perhaps we'll revisit those albums another time.

Now excuse me, I need to go lie down.


Anonymous said...

I actually listened to the whole song. Reminds me of an Exile...that didn't quite make the cut.
Mick is amazing- still the best front man in R/ R.- rob

Harold X said...

Once again, Charlie steals the spotlight.

Anonymous said...

She's So Cold was tolerable. She Was Hot not. Crappy single which screams for a video lifeline. Anita's got what it takes. But I've seen better teases, even comedic ones. It's not "off the hook." Some speed correction is in order on the youtube video, as well. Think I've busted a button on my trousers ....

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