Thursday, November 16, 2023

Micky Sings Mikey. No, Not THAT Mikey!!

Okay, this is so fabulous I can't stand it. From his just released Dolenz Sings R.E.M. EP, please enjoy once and future Monkee Micky Dolenz and his absolutely glorious cover of those kids from Athens' "Radio Free Europe."

That's just freaking great by any objective standard, and I say that as somebody for whom R.E.M.'s Murmur is one of his top twenty favorite albums. I should add that the brilliant production is by Mike Nesmith's son Christian, who also did spectacular work on Dolenz' 2021 album of Nesmith covers.

Meanwhile, as a little postscript, please enjoy this video of Dolenz and the R.E.M. guys celebrating the release of the new album in their old stomping ground last week.

I gotta say, if you had told me back in the 80s, when R.E.M. were the hippest alt-rock band in the universe, that something like the above would actually happen, I would have accused you of huffing drugs more potent than any I had ever imagined.


Alzo said...

Well, he certainly doesn't sound 78. He's still got those underrated pipes working fine. Excellent track.

Anonymous said...

Bill Berry's back but Mike Mills has been MIA in some things lately.

Anonymous said...

I've been shapeshifting through portals in time. Thought I'd returned to 2023. I did. But somewhere in the past, someone fucked with the future. Someone locked the keys in the trunk of the Delorean time machine and gave us a Buick GX banana. They gave Circus Boy the key to the city. Time to head back to that liquor store in normal Vegas.

God bless Micky Dolenz, the last Monkee standing. God bless Woolhat for fathering Christian. God bless R.E.M. and Radio Free Europe. God bless the Runaways. God bless all the decades that end in three. God bless 7A Records.

And God bless the Scarlet Witch.


MJConroy said...

When I was a kid, I was a huge Monkees fan. When I was a father of 3 teenagers, I went to R.E.M. shows will all of them. Great to see parts of my musical memories coming together.

Anonymous said...

I think Mike was/is in Europe with the Big Star tribute

Anonymous said...

Now, THAT was unexpectedly delightful. In truth, Micky was always extremely hip; he was involved with some mighty groovy people and things outside of his Monkees orbit. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

should be titled "Dolenz Sings REM's" rs said...

When I lived in Maine I had a bike repair shop in an old barn.
One of my cassette tapes was
Murder- a desert island classic.
Who thought Mickey would be the final voice of the Monkees.