Monday, November 13, 2023

The Last Cover of "Now and Then" I'll Ever Post...

...I promise. Honest.

But Jeebus, this is just so beautiful it hurts.

Faithful readers are aware of my fondness for these kids, and doubtless share my enthusiasm for their ouevre, but the above is just totally swoon-worthy.

I mean,'s like they were genetically bred to cover the song.

Coming tomorrow: Franz Ferdinand & Imelda, the leading Rolling Stones tribute band from the Phillipines, performs the entirety of Hackney Diamonds in Tagalog.


PS: I'm at the point now where the below doesn't even strike me as farfetched any more.

What -- you mean it's NOT real?


Allan Rosenberg said...

The Monalisa Twins nail it! Absolutely lovely.

I always knew John Lennon was a birdbrain! ;-)

Captain Al

mistah charley, sb, ma, phd, jsps said...

speaking of european sibling acts doing justice to an old new song:

Swedish sibling duo Dimpker Brothers (Martin & Adam Dimpker) performing "Now And Then" by The Beatles.

i suppose the great success of this song has to do not only with its merits, and its resonance with the beatles legend in general, but also with its contrast with current events in this world in which we live in

ChrisE said...

That newspaper article is hilarious. A superior parrot-y :-)

ChrisE said...

Parrot Beatles album: Well, that's a lot more interesting than "Polly wanna a cracker."

daudder said...

Really don't understand the "anger" directed at Now And Then. Its overwhelmingly positive reception, especially by the youts. The three covers you have shared demonstate it is quite a beautiful melody, with a simple lyric. And the Timmy Sean cover especially, shows it really could have been a very Beatles 63/64/65 bopper.

Jai Guru Dave said...

Absolutely stunning!!!

ChrisE said...

Is that new Lennon parrot album called AND HIS BIRD CAN SING ??

steve simels said...

"is that new Lennon parrot album called AND HIS BIRD CAN SING ??"

I saw what you did there.

Alzo said...

All of these very good covers of 'Now and Then' point to the folly of polishing up a demo that was never intended to be released. The intact four-piece Beatles would certainly have put out a stronger track.

M_Sharp said...

Another fine cover! Hilarious parrot story, too!

Anonymous said...

Don't understand the hub-bub
Crappy song- do not understand the
glorification of anything john/Paul.
Fan before you were alive - 1951