Monday, March 25, 2024

Your Monday Moment of "Why Didn't I Get the Memo?"

From 1959, please enjoy Bob McFadden (and Dor, whoever that was) and his Rod McKuen-penned ode to "The Beat Generation."

Seriously -- am I the only sentient mammal on the planet who didn't know that the above was from where Richard Hell cribbed his 1977 comic/nihilist punk anthem?

I'm not kidding about this -- I had never heard the McFadden single until the other day and had no idea Hell was paying tribute to it.

That said, the original is a lot funnier, IMHO.

In case you were wondering, however, McFadden spent most of his career doing the voices for animated cartoon film/tv characters; that's he as the voice of Milton the Monster and Snarf the Thundercat.

He looms largest in my legend, however, as the frontman for this hilarious novelty record (also from 1959).

Again written by Rod McKuen (yeah, him) and featuring that Dor thingie. If anybody has the skinny on him/her/it, BTW, let us know and you'll be awarded a coveted PowerPop No-Prize©.

You're welcome.


MJConroy said...

Dor was Rod McKuen (Rod backwards).

ChrisE said...

Yes, Dor is Rod McKuen. What I'd like to know to know is who is playing the saxophone on "The Mummy" ? Plas Johnson, maybe, or Teenage Steve Douglas? Anyone have an idea?

Anonymous said...

The Stray Cats borrowed a bit from Blank Generation in Stray Cat Strut

- Paul in DK

J. Loslo said...

Beat Generation cover by The Beat Farmers:

steve simels said...

Now I can't believe I didn't get the Dor thing.

I am depressed.

ChrisE said...


Don't feel too bad. It happens to all of us.

A few years ago I had to go to a medical appointment in a building I'd never been to.

My friend says, "Oh, I know that building. It's right next to Mickey Dee's".

So I get to the intersection and I'm looking for an Irish pub. Spend several minutes, can't find it.

So I phone my friend. He laughs and goes, "Look for the golden arches, genius. Mickey Dee's is MacDonald's."

edward said...

I probably heard Beat Generation originally on Dr Demento, and have pretty much forgotten about it since.

The Mummy definitely familiar with.