Tuesday, May 14, 2024

New Music From Around the World (An Occasional Series): Special "Feed Your Lawn -- Feed It!” Edition

Okay, folks -- from just the other day (i.e., it's just released), please enjoy way cool Scottish indie power pop combo Be Like Pablo and their addictive new single "There Goes the Sunshine."

The song is fabulous, I think you'll agree, but the video is particularly freaking hilarious. Kudos to stars Alec Westwood (as the Janitor) and the incomparable Pepper the Robot.

I should add that these guys were previously unknown to me, but apparently they've been around for awhile and you can find out more about them (including where they're gigging, if you happen to be in the UK) over at their official website here.

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize to the band for the truly dumb joke in the title of today's post, which of course borrows from the current TV ad campaign for Scott's Turf Builder. (Get it -- Scott's?).

Sorry -- I should have known better.


John K said...

Nice find. Reminds me a bit of Fountains Of Wayne.

mistah charley, sb, ma, phd, jsps said...

I like the song and the video very much.

Browsing on the web I came across info that they are probably Scotland's #1 powerpop band. Is it true that some or all of them are teachers in their day job? They may not achieve great fame or fortune, but if they and their listeners enjoy it then they are not wasting their time.

I've seen the TV ad for lawn fertilizer that you're referring to. In general, fertilizer is overused, on both lawns and crops, to the point that it has negative effects. We don't use it - just let the clippings stay on the lawn - our grass looks fine - we've been doing this for a quarter century.

Anonymous said...

That song is fun. There is also an appropriate amount of plaid worn in the video for any self-respecting Scot.

- Paul in DK

Anonymous said...

I wish them luck. Checked some of their tunes on youtube. They compare themselves to Weezer. But Weezer has more grungy balls. I prefer that. BLP is too marshmallow for my taste.

Not my cup of noodles. But I don't know much about them other than they're not the Beach Boys with Scottish accents. IMHO they're not as good as the Rentals either. Not powerpop Picasso's. It's all subjective of course, but, as of now, I think they're too fluffy.


steve simels said...

Hey VR:

Did you say yesterday you actually saw the Poor live back in the day?

If so —- I’m. Not. Worthy.😎

Anonymous said...

If they were teachers in their day job then we can think of them as the Scottish Weasels.

VR - Please tell us any The Poor stories if you have any.

Captain Al

ChrisE said...

Steve & Al,

A reminder that the core members of The Poor (Randy Meisner, Pat Shanahan and Allen Kemp) were, along with Tom Brumley from Buck Owens' band, the excellent backing group on Rick Nelson's "IN CONCERT (At The Troubadour)" album from 1970, an important record in the history of country-rock and the subject, at the time, of a rave review by none other than Lester Bangs.

Allan Rosenberg said...


What was that fun high school band you featured a while back? With that video featuring their teacher.

Captain al

Anonymous said...

ChrisE - re: Rick Nelson

I saw one of the shows on Nelson's comeback run at the Troub. We really enjoyed it. And it was Halloween, so I wore my Mortcia outfit. The Stone Canyon Band were stellar both instrumentally and vocally. He couldn't have pulled it off without them. I wonder how much input, if any, they had in the songs chosen for the setlist?

Not surprised that Bangs gave the resulting LP a positive review. What mystified me was that Robert Hillburn dissed the show in the L.A. Times.


Be Like Pablo said...

Thanks for all the nice words everyone. Glad to hear some of you enjoying our music. Seems like a cool community going on here. Really appreciate being featured on the blog and everyone for having a listen :)