Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Your Wednesday Moment of Why Didn't I Get the Memo? (Special "Ripped Jeans Say So Much" Edition)

From her 2005 album Little Fugitive, please enjoy noted woman in rock Amy Rigby and her infectious and kinda touching account of the night she spent "Dancing With Joey Ramone."

I've been a fan of Rigby's since her 1996 debut Diary of a Mad Housewife, but somehow I missed the above until last weekend. Oh well, better late than never.

Oh, and in case you can't make out the lyrics...

He walked into the party looking just like he had in the past
He came up to me and he didn't even have to ask
I tried to say something, he said "Girl, shut your mouth
They're playing Papa Was a Rolling Stone"
Last night I was dancing with Joey Ramone

He was cool with his leather jacket and his little dark shades
He started dancing around, I tried to copy every move he made
When I reached for his hand he kind of brushed me off
Then they played "Hangin' on the Telephone"
Last night when I was dancing with Joey Ramone

They played "The Worst That Could Happen" by the Brooklyn Bridge
"He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)"
"Glad All Over", "Needles and Pins"
"Be My Baby" again and again
"Gloria" by the Shadows of Knight
"He's So Fine" and "I Feel Alright"
"Charlie Brown", "Can't Sit Down"
We were dancin' around and around

Well I closed my eyes for a minute and then he was gone
The room looked different but the music kept playing on
And on and on and on
When I woke up today I had a song in my head
I wanna wanna wanna go home (wanna wanna wanna go)
They played it last night when I was dancing with Joey Ramone
Last night I was dancing with Joey Ramone
Last night I was dancing with Joey Ramone
Last night I was dancing with Joey Ramone

C'mon -- isn't that like the cutest thing you've ever heard? Not to mention hooky/catchy as a good Ramones track.

Okay, gotta go now -- have to start writing a song called "Dancing With Taylor Swift."


Allan Rosenberg said...

The following just might be the single most offensive comment I will post on the blog this year (but I think it says a lot about the how I view Taylor Swift and modern pop music:

"The only place I'd dance with Taylor Swi0ft is between the sheets!"

Truthful but disgusting Captain Al

Allan Rosenberg said...

By the way Amy Rigby is the NAZZ!!!!

I love The" Mad Housewife" album! The Joey Ramone track is great.

Captain Al

steve simels said...

Keep it clean, kids.😎

mistah charley, sb, ma, phd, jsps said...
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Alzo said...

La Rigby sounds like Liz Phair if she woke up.

Anonymous said...

Amy Rigby rocks even when she isn't rockin'. She walks and talks it. Little Fugitive, the album from which "Dancing With Joey Ramone" came, might be my favorite one of hers. Have had the privilege of seeing her several times at Luna Park, the Roxy, Spaceland, etc. She once was co-billed with Marti Jones at McCabe's guitar shop, which was a crazy good show. Saw her right after "Little Fugitive" was released at The Folk Music Center in Claremont. Love that record, loved that intimate show.

I adore everyone of those songs that she title-checks in the tune (even "He Hit Me (it Felt Like a Kiss). And I love her. And I love Steve for putting it on the powerpop jukebox. I'll forgive him for wasting the ink, no matter how facetious, on Taylor Swift. That bitch is about as interesting and sexy as a blow-up doll. A robot for the master race. But who's wasting ink now? Why chill the vibe?

Anyway, Amy rocks. Through and through. Thanks for putting this up and reminding me, Steve


Amy even title-checks "You Can't Sit Down." Love it. But no "Whittier Boulevard," which I'm gonna crank after a few plays of this.

Tinpot said...

As well as being a super-talent, Amy is a sweetheart. For years she worked in a bar/bookshop in Hudson, NY when not touring.
I plotted on becoming best friends with her but I was never quite cool/brave enough to try.
Now it's too late; she and Eric (Wreckless, ie) have sold up and have moved to England.
But I'll still have her blog to comfort me:

MJConroy said...

The wonderful Dennis Diken on the drums with Amy.