Tuesday, May 07, 2024

The French They Are a Funny Race -- They Fight With Their Feet and...Well, You Know

So anyway, as attentive readers are aware, a certain Shady Dame and I just returned from the charming city of Montreal, in darkest Canadia. While there, in a sort of equivalent of New York's old East Village neighborhood, i.e. the bohemian part of town, we chanced across this hilarious and funky vintage clothing store...

...which we were immediately hooked by when we spied that hand-painted sign below the top center windows. (Which, if you can't make it out, reads "Fuck X-Mas I Want to Come Now.")

But that's a story for another time.

What really grabbed us, however, was inside the store -- this poster on the wall. Hanging above some over-priced shirts.

A thoroughly striking graphic/image, doncha think?

And clearly, although I had never heard of her, that Annabel person was some kind of French pop star from back in the day. I'm a big fan of some of the others of that ilk, i.e. existential cuties like Juliette Greco, Fran├žoise Hardy and Sylvie Vartan, and that poster -- simply as a piece of period art -- blew me away. (Kind of a Patti Smith vibe, n'est-ce pas?)

So back in our hotel I did a little research.

Turns out her full name was Annabel Schwob, and apart from being a pop star -- and a writer of some repute -- she was the wife of the poster's artiste. A guy named Bernard Buffet, who was extremely well known in his home country and actually considered in the same league as Pablo Picasso, until he fell victim to changing fashions and went out of style long before his death in 1999.

So, naturally, I went to YouTube. And, flush with excitement, found this clip of her on French TV, sometime in the early '70s, doing her chanteuse thing.

Okay, then. Alas, that sorta, er, sucks.

I should have guessed, of course. Hey -- there's a reason why Annabel (or most of those other French warbler babes besides Jane Birkin) never sold any records in the US of A. And it isn't because she could have had me if she'd played her Gallic cartes right, if you know what I mean.

Sad, vraiment? Oh well, la vie isn't always belle.

BTW -- if you want a beautiful suitable for framing original print of that Annabel poster, you can get it at eBay over HERE.

Coming tomorrow: Speaking of existential cuties, I finally have something definitive to say about Taylor Swift.


Allan Rosenberg said...

Poor woman has a pronounced nervous twitch. Love her eyes! Not much of a voice or delivery.

I could totally see her as an artist's muse!

Captain Al

mistah charley, sb, ma, phd, jsps said...

annabel's performance illustrates again how many different ways there are to make music - hearing it once is enough

the biography of her husband at Wikipedia was interesting - no doubt i encountered his work at some time, if only in the de Gaulle portrait on the time magazine cover

his most expensive painting sold in the 21st century has a musical theme - Les clowns musiciens, le saxophoniste


steve simels said...

She is so my type it’s ridiculous.

There…I said it. I didn’t mean to, but you dragged it out of me.­čśÄ

Allan Rosenberg said...

I could see her look getting into your brain.

Captain Al

Alzo said...

Lovely lass with good pipes... but you don't expect 'Mericans to buy rekkids in a furren language, do ya?
ABBA, Shocking Blue, Golden Earring, et al- they knew well enough how to crack this market.

The dear-departed France Gall's wonderful 'Laisse Tomber les Filles' has had a resurgence in recent years. And Velvet Underground fans should find their way to Perpignan's The Limi├▒anas. Tres cool, indeed.

But before I let this go, I urge you to check out Montreal's keepers of the Runaways/Donnas/L7 flame:

getawaygoober said...

First struck me as Jo Anne Worley of Laugh In fame.

Anonymous said...

She has a Petula Clark hair cut