Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Checking Out the Women on Spanish Television

It is, I think, a major cultural crime that to date there isn't much video documentation of seminal 70s punk band Television available on YouTube. That said, until something better shows up, here's a fabulous 1984 clip of TV auteur Tom Verlaine and a killer version of Television's "Glory."

Of course, you have to put up with a two minute intro by that interesting looking Latina hostess, but that seems a small price to pay.

Incidentally, the guy filling in for Television's great Richard Lloyd on second guitar is the estimable Jimmy Ripp, a journeyman musician who's played with all sorts of people (including Mick Jagger) over the years. I realize that isn't a particularly interesting factoid, but I thought you'd like to know anyway.


Mr.Murder said...

Chris Rea ever mention him as an influence?

Gives me a lot of Robin Trower vibes as well. The way those notes ring out on a bridge.

MBowen said...

Jimmy Ripp also was a last-minute fill-in for Richard Lloyd at what was apparently the final Television performance last summer at Central Park Summerstage.

Anonymous said...

I've only recently gotten into Television ... I can't believe what I missed back in the day!

Anonymous said...