Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some Velvet Morning When I'm Dead

It's a beautiful morning here in the New Age, so we feel obligated to bring you Iceland's Finest, aka Amiina, in a collaboration with the late Lee Hazlewood.

Incidentally, Lee recorded his vocals at the end of 2007, just prior to when his boots were no longer made for walking.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to make a wiseass comment about throwing all that cocaine away on the volcano top (don't worry I truly hate cocaine!!!) but I can't because I was very moved by the beautiful tribute Lee Hazelwood.

Steve, thank you for finding this.

return of the plumber

steve simels said...

Plumber --

Glad you liked it.

Cleveland Bob said...

That was swell. Add my thanks in there as well Steve.

Funny, I hate cocaine too. I don't think one can truly despise the drug until you've been down that road. It's truly the devil in powder form. After I had quit it for good, I once was physically removed from a soirée for getting all preachy and screechy in a roomful of folks hovering over a mirror. Ah well, that was a long time ago.

And speaking of lost friends, an old pal of mine went to his reward last nite. I put a litttle tribute out on my site to him.


Jim Jones...RIP.

coozledad said...

there's a very pretty film by Phillip Bloom set to My Autumn's Done Come. Lee didn't do too bad with that. Boy had some pipes.

steve simels said...

Cleveland Bob:

I'm truly sorry to hear about your friend Jim.

But I am delighted to learn that he was in The Electric Eels, as in "Having a Philosophical Conversation With the Electric Eels," still my favorite album title of all time.

Cleveland Bob said...

Thanks, Steve.

He'd been sick for a long while and passing was a relief.

So it goes.