Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Morning Remedial Glam Blogging

Due to extremely irksome tech problems, posting by moi has been uncharecteristically sporadic since Monday. A big mea culpa to all who care, and I promise to make it up to you next week. Seriously -- I'll be putting up stuff like a drunken sailor. Five or six items a day -- seven, if Kelefa Sanneh writes something stupid in the Times.

In the meantime, here's a really cool live New York Dolls clip from The Old Grey Whistle Test you may not have seen before.

I mean, forget what a good song this is -- just check out the amazing guitars Johnny Thunders and Syl Sylvain are mauling here.


Kid Charlemagne said...

Whenever I see this clip, I always get a kick out of a rock crit's description of Arthur Kane: "a haystack in drag."

Nice Voxx and is Syl playing a Gibson ES 355?

steve simels said...

Syl's playing a white Gretch Country Gentleman.

Incredibly kool...

BTW-- did I tell you I was briefly in a band with Arthur, after the Dolls went kaput?

Anonymous said...

Steve, I was there the night you played with Arthur Kane at Max's. You finally got to do the solo from Louie Louie for your adoring public. Was the name of the band LOK? A fun night!

Tell us more!

The times I saw the Dolls back in the 1970's I thought they sucked. I was wrong they're ok, almost good. So I have to concede you were right about them.

Return of the Plumber

steve simels said...


I don't remember if we played Max's, but you're right -- the band was called LOK. (What did it stand for? Who knows).

The only gig I remember us doing with Arthur was at Trash and Vaudeville, the punk shmatte store on St. Mark's.
I think we did CBGBs after he left; a guy whose name I've forgotten came in from Wayne County's band. Much better player than me, to my great relief....

Anonymous said...

Well...I, for one, definitely hear the VU's influence here.

Wha? What'd I say?

TMink said...

My wife was watching the clip with me and she was quite taken by how well Buster, I mean David worked the camera!

Great song, those guys rocked no matter what they wore.


Anonymous said...

LOK: Love's Outrageous (something). Sorry that's all I remember.

Return of the Plumber

Anonymous said...

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