Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday Fab Four Blogging

Just because we can, here's a very nice live Beatles clip you may not have seen before.

"If I Fell" -- live at the 1964 Indiana State Fair. I wasn't even born yet, of course.

[h/t Steve Schwartz]


Anonymous said...


First Beatles bootleg I ever bought came from an outdoor flea market in Buffalo, New York, where I was visiting a relative while I was in high school; it was Live At Wiskey Flats (yes, that's how it was spelled on the green-and-white paper insert).


PS -- What's with your fucking site lately? It'll only let me post comments as Anonymous!

We rushed to the student union record library and into one of the little listening booths and put the needle on the record (which was a thick heavy old-fashioned piece of plastic).

Then for the first time in my life I heard a recording of an actual Beatles concert (many years later the Wiskey Flats boot was identified as Philadelphia, September 1964, very close in time to the Indiana State Fair concert). It sounds ridiculous, but it sent chills up my spine.

Even then it blew my mind that all those 3-part harmonies were sung by rote -- they had no monitor speakers on stage and couldn't hear a thing over the screams of the girls....

Anonymous said...


Blogger jimmied up the order of my paragraphs!

Fuck it I'm outta here.

dave™© said...

How charmingly off-key!

From the look of it, I'm assuming this was footage a local news crew took... I wonder how much other such footage is languishing in little newsrooms around the country...

Cleveland Bob said...

Ha. That was great.

John starts out a bit rough but pulls it out in the end. Paul is in fine voice. And not one single shot George, just a couple quick glimpses of his guitar neck.

BTW, I'm not having any problems posting with my proper ID.

Mozilla Firefox rules!

shrimplate said...

I'm gobsmacked. That was great.