Tuesday, February 12, 2008

If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Self-Indulgent

Some alert readers may have noticed the following exchange of comments during Friday's Weekend Listomania and thought to themselves "What the hell is that all about?"

Anonymous said...

"my,my,oh my
do you know what you've done to me
saying goodbye
well i know i'm a poor boy
and my hair is too long
but i'll love you forever
don't you tell me i'm wrong"

now that's a lyric!!!

steve simels said...

Anonymous -- I hate you.

Seriously -- I fucking hate you.

Anonymous said...

Steve, sorry you seemed to have an allergic reaction to the classic lyrics I posted. Anyhoo, I'm shocked and dismembered that there's been no mention of my all time favorite single...Mr Wayne Newton's insufferable "Daddy Don't You Walk So Queer"

If the aforementioned Anonymous will e-mail me at ssimels@gmail.com, and if, in fact, he turns out to be one of the two people I suspect he is, I promise to share the backstory of all this with the rest of you folks -- guaranteed, hands down, to be among the most embarassing moments of my adult life.


Noam Sane said...

Wayne Newton was an avowed heterosexual. Just ask Johnny Carson.

Anonymous said...

Is the lyric perhaps simels-penned?

steve simels said...

I'm not talking -- yet.

PhilDutra said...

Well, google was no help!! I guess we'll have to wait!

Anonymous said...

You are a very brave man.

Anonymous said...

I say it is a Endless Bummer and a Crime Against Nature that this Anonymous Weasel should provoke Mr. Simels in this manner! Have you not the courage to step out into the light of day and reveal yourself under the grimy streetlights of Cedar Lane. Coward I say, Coward!

PS: Thanks again for loaning us the PA to play CBGB's back in 75.