Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday Night Glam Blogging!

Here's Roy Wood with Wizzard in full fright wig mode channeling Phil Spector with their fantastic 1973 single See My Baby Jive which was a #1 hit for the band in 1973. It begs the question, is there nothing that Roy Wood cannot do musically? Cheers!


Anonymous said...

What great music but very tough to watch the freak show.

Return of the Plumber

TMink said...

I agree about the freak show, I cannot put my finger on what about it is so disturbing.


Mister Pleasant said...

Roy certainly let's his freak flag fly in that video. But it cannot take away from one of his best Spectoresque pastiches. For me, "This Is the Story of My Love (Baby)" from Wizzard's Eddie and the Falcons was Roy's masterpiece of the kitchen sink approach.

steve simels said...

i actually think that on balance this is the high point, musically, of the whole glam thing.

Just one of the greatest fricking singles ever made.