Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tales From the Crypt

Well, this is nice -- French pop tart Vanessa Paradis and a cover of "This Will Be Our Year," from the Zombies' sublime Odessey and Oracle album.

Hmm...a search reveals that it's also been covered by the Beautiful South, and particularly well by OK Go.

I bring all this up because news has just reached me that the four surviving Zombies are reuniting, for the first time since the 60s, for a 40th anniversary performance of the album -- one of the genuine pop masterpieces of its era -- in early March. Three shows in London. With a live string section and horns. I think the phrase "Oh. My. God." would be applicable here.

Of course, chances are I won't be going, given that my bank account is trying to crawl under a duck these days, but those of you with deep pockets can find out more details here.

Update: Our friend Sal Nunziato informs us there's more, at least in New York City.

There was a planned Carnegie Hall date in April, but now it looks like Irving Plaza on 7/11. Tix on sale Friday. I can't imagine Irving (Plaza, not Metzman) will include the strings, etc.. But it's something.

Hmm. If they're playing New York, I'll bet there are LA dates as well....


dave™© said...

Didn't a couple of them tour the states not too long ago? I seem to recall them playing in the North Bay Area.

A full reunion tour might be too lucrative for them to pass up, so keep the hope alive, dude! YES WE CAN!!!

steve simels said...

Argent and Blunstone have been touring together for seven years now -- I saw them a couple of times, and they were great -- but this show will be the first time the original drummer and bass player have played with them. I'm huge fans of both guys, of course...