Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Righteous Rant

My old chum Dave Immer is seriously irked about some recent court decisions granting the rights of individuals to corporations. And the consequent disastrous impact on what laughingly passes for our democracy. As well he should be.

But enough of my yakking -- here's Dave himself, to say it in his own inimitable way.

Dave's a rather frighteningly talented multi-instrumentalist/producer/engineer/songwriter kind of guy; back in the day, he twiddled the knobs for some of those Floor Models songs I've been inflicting on you of late, but don't hold that against him. In any case, you're doubtless more familiar with his work on the original Ghostbusters soundtrack; he's the co-author (and I believe singing backup) on this little ditty.

In any event, to the above rap I can only add -- right on.


geor3ge said...

right on.

Moved and seconded.

Anonymous said...

How do I love Dave Immer, let me count the ways! Um, a bajillion + infinity.

Anonymous said...

Should be required listening for Supreme Court. AP

Anonymous said...

amazing how a fiction can be more real than reality. perhaps a higher "education" isn't all it's cracked up to be. well, something is surely cracked here. also, makes one wonder how much the "supremes" have invested in corporatehood and why they didn't recues themselves.

oh and great song!

Walking Oliver Productions, Ltd said...

Absolutely! I'm going in right now and play this for my very corporate-enamoured 16-year-old son!!

Thanks, Steve!