Saturday, June 12, 2010

Performance Notes From All Over

A heads-up for any reader in the vicinity of south Jersey: My old chum (and frequent PowerPop commenter) Peter Spencer will be performing at Kline's Gallery in Lambertville tonight (Saturday) at 7:30 pm.

The admission is $10 (cheap!). The joint is located at 25 Bridge Street (Lambertville, NJ, natch). For more details call the club at (609) 397-0314.

Pete's a singer/songwriter/guitarist and one of the few of the breed whose solo sets never reduce me to scowling fidgets. Here's a very cool early take on of one of his best tunes, "Everybody Danced" (a more elaborate version can be found on the splendid studio album pictured below).

I think that's a great song, by the by; first time I heard it I was briefly convinced that somebody had stolen a page from the diary that I, thank the lord, never actually wrote.

In any case, if you can't make the gig, you can still order the CD (and some equally splendid others) over at Pete's estimable website.


The Phantom Creep said...

EXcellent song -- thanks for posting it.

Anonymous said...

great tune. real folk rock groove. Guitar hook reminds me very pleasantly of the Hollies' version of Can't Let Go. Richard Thompson-esque lead lines. Peter, get yourself down to Berkeley for a gig already! - AP

Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary said...

Most excellent!!!! The vocal is somewhat reminiscent of WZ. And the guitar rocks!

Brian said...

It was Peter Spencer that led me to this site. I’m an inveterate bargain shopper and I buy tons of cheap CDs from artists I’ve never heard of because they look like they might be interesting. That’s how I ended up with one of Peter Spencer’s CDs. I liked it a lot and ended up at Peter’s website. It was a great bonus to discover he is a very local artist to me. He mentioned this site in his blog and that’s how I ended up here.

This is also a good time to relate just how pleased I was to find this site. I graduated high school in the late seventies and when I got to college I spent most of my spare time in the library trying to find record reviews. I went through all the back issues (and subscribed to) Stereo Review just to read the record reviews. By far, my favorite reviewer was one S.S.