Sunday, December 25, 2005

Reindeer Games!

The holiday season is upon us, and things are busy busy busy here, but here are two fun things you can do.

1. Play the Penguin Game. This is evilly addictive, but I like it a lot.

2. Visit a great parody blog: Altmouse. As parody goes, the voice here is spot on, the banality captured in all its milquetoast glory.

I'll try to post through the week, but will be travelling. Enjoy!

1 comment:

ntodd said...

1) Have you seen the version of the Penguin game where you basically turn him into a bloody mass of protoplasm with a spiked club? I'd go find it but I'm too lazy.

2) I like Altmous and all, but I am troubled--DEEPLY troubled--by the fact that it's completely opaque who she really is. We have not a singular clue as to her identity, and I think that fundamentally calls into question her non-partisanicity and really her critical thinking. I wish there were a way I could communicate my concern to her directly, instead of via her blog.