Sunday, June 05, 2011

Andrew Gold: Possibly Still Not Dead

So apparently there may be a whole Mark Twain-ish "The rumors of my death have been greatly exagerrated" kind of deal going on for Linda Ronstadt guitarist Andrew Gold.

Which is to say all sorts of bloggers have been posting obits for the guy, even though there's no mention of his passing over at his official website and I can't find any definitive news at more traditional outlets like the NY Times.

Hopefully the estimable craftsman is still with us; I'll keep you posted as this shakes out.

I should also add that I once got into a great deal of trouble with certain readers of Stereo Review when I allowed in a column at the time how Gold's "Lonely Boy" -- his big hit, as seen in the above clip -- was actually a quite delightfully winsome and melodic piece of post-Beatles pop/rock. I remember in particular one letter to the editor in which I was told "Shoes, the Sneetches, and [some other then current indie fave] are pop. 'Lonely Boy' is pap. You should learn the difference."

Behold, I thought to myself when I read it, the perils of being insufficiently cynical for some people.

POSTSCRIPT: The June 6 2011 Los Angeles Times made it official. Apparently, Gold had been fighting cancer for some time; although he was supposedly making progress, he died of a heart attack in his sleep. He leaves three children, and -- even more heartbreaking -- his mother Marni Nixon.


reddyroostrer said...

Yeah, this song was a guilty pleasure for me, too. And I thought the work he did on those mid-70s singles of Ronstadt's was really good, too-- especially "Heatwave"... said...

Andrew's mother, Marni Nixon, has posted a statement of his death on her personal website. How I wish it wasn't, but I think it's true that we lost him.

goomba said...

steve simels said...

And here's Andrew's facebook page.

Still seems odd that as of an hour ago the LA Times hasn't covered it.

Sal Nunziato said...

Been listening Gold's hits CD on Rhino. There are more than a few amazing tunes on it, and "Lonely Boy" never sounded better. Same with "Thank You For Being A Friend."

Billy B said...

Gold was (is?) good. "Lonely Boy" was a nice tune. As was "Thank You for Being a Friend?"

Anything Should Happen said...

I'd echo Lonely Boy and have always had a fondness for Wax's American English.

FD13NYC said...

Wow! a little bit of a shock, good musician and songwriter, certainly not pap. Andrew, Waddy, Kenny and the guys sure made Linda Ronstadt sound exceptionally pleasant over those early years.

Also let us not forget Never Let Her Slip Away and Heartaches In Heartaches.

R.I.P. Mr Gold, at least you have a little legacy of music for people to enjoy.

DB said...

Andrew Gold's stuff was never a 'guilty' pleasure for me. Good writing and a catchy arrangement ought to be enough sometimes.

I had no idea of his pedigree -- what a set of parents!

"Lonely Boy" came up on the iPod on my way to work this morning. Interesting coincidence.

RIP, and thanks.

Anonymous said...

I think "Lonely Boy" earned its guilty pleasure status due to the unctuous lyrics.

I loved the comment Linda R made when she heard "You're No Good" in its final mix with Gold's great solo: "They turned it into a Beatle record!!" If I recall she thought that was a negative, not a positive!!

Phillip said...

Very talented man who apparently hated his own voice?- something I could never quite understand.
Andrew was a self deprecating and very modest master melodicist.

RIP Andrew you are very much missed,thankfully I have your double album on CD and every song is a gem bringing back memories of much better days.
Rest In Peace friend :)