Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gold's Jim

That's Jim as in McGuinn; not my cleverest pun, but what the hey.

In any case, from 1996, doing business -- in a very Dukes of Stratosphear kind of way -- as The Fraternal Order of the All, here's clearly way underrated singer/guitarist Andrew Gold and the very Byrds-ish "Somewhere in Space in Time."

Seriously, if you're any kind of serious fan of the original Byrds circa 1965-67, this is going to make you wet your pants.

For those keeping score at home, this is an all but perfect mash-up of "She Don't Care About Time," "The World Turns All Around Her" and "Eight Miles High." Plus the backwards guitars from Younger Than Yesterday. And whoever is doing the rhythm guitar and drums is replicating David Crosby and Michael Clarke from the Turn! Turn! Turn! album in a way I frankly hadn't thought possible.

My old bandmate Andy "Folk-Rock" Pasternack, who sent me this, put it better than I ever could:
"I am completely speechless. As amazingly great as this is (again, if you haven’t already heard it), wait for the solo at 2:16. This is like the most breathtakingly great homage ever. "
.Have I mentioned that if you're a serious Byrds fan this will make you wet your pants?


Mister Pleasant said...

Thanks for the warning - I put on a pair of Depends first.

That was the most amazing distillation of the pre-Rodeo Byrds that I have ever heard. In addition to the instrumental work, the background vocals were dead-on. Unless some hidden gem is unearthed from the vaults, this is as close as we will get to a Byrds holy grail.

I feel like a schmuck for underrating Mr. Gold for all of these years.

FD13NYC said...

Great stuff! Have had this CD a while, along with Halloween Howls, which is funny in being a kid again sort of way.

I guess he wasn't a Lonely Boy after all.

pete said...

Wow! This the kind of thing kids need a computer to do nowadays.

Gummo said...

O.M.G. as the kids say.

If you did the same thing today, it wouldn't be "homage," it would be "litigatable offense," it's that note-perfect.

steve simels said...

Oh, and I left out that it's "Bells of Rhymney" between the verses.

Gardner said...

It sure is.

I can't believe this is the first I've heard from that CD, and I can't believe the soul and genius that made it is gone. It just ain't right.

Dude, we gotta get you on ds106radio: http://ds106.us/ds106-radio/

Noam Sane said...

Yup. Fantastic. Thanks.

wayne said...

A little like King of the Hill

Anonymous said...

If only Andrew Gold could have produced the Byrds' Asylum reunion. He would have kicked their butts in the studio.

Maybe Gold will talk to Gene Clark and Michael Clarke in heaven and arrange something in advance of the other members' arrivals (which hopefully won't be soon, of course).


danny1959 said...

Thanks for pointing this out, Steve. The whole CD is incredibly good in the same retro kind of way.

Business logo design said...

There are no words to show you my appreciation.

Elroy said...

Wow, just wow...thanks!

Anonymous said...

How come you can't download the songs on divShare anymore? After clicking on divShare to the right of the player, there's no link to download the song like there used to be.

befuggled said...

I didn't have any trouble downloading it. So they may have removed it temporarily, or made some changes that temporarily broke it. Or it's some weird browser thing.

swboy said...

For more in this vein, check out the "Quarter After" and their song
"Everything Again" [& others].